Bitters - Crawfish Boil

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BITTERS bring flavours of their own to drinks and food, but their primary function is a flavour enhancer. They activate your taste buds in a way that allows more flavours to penetrate them in a deeper way. This allows you to taste the other ingredients you use MORE. Think of them as the salt & pepper of a drink. When used in food you may experience less need for salt.

Crawfish Boil Bitters

Flavour/Aroma: an aromatic and flavourful bitter with a bit of heat! Unique flavours typically found in NOLA West Bank AKA "Da Best Bank" Style Boil. What makes it unique is the addition of cloves, anise, and allspice - all of which makes for an amazingly flavoured boil. We took the flavours normally found in a boil, eliminated the salt, and adjusted the spice to make it more cocktail friendly.

Primary Flavours: Spices, Peppers, Lemon, Onion, Garlic, Bay.