Bitters - Spiced Cocoa Tea


BITTERS bring flavours of their own to drinks and food, but their primary function is a flavour enhancer. They activate your taste buds in a way that allows more flavours to penetrate them in a deeper way. This allows you to taste the other ingredients you use MORE. Think of them as the salt & pepper of a drink.
When used in food you may experience less need for salt.

Spiced Cocoa Tea Bitters  

Made with naturally and traditionally grown, fermented, dried, and stone ground cacao and spices from St. Lucia and local produce from Hollygrove Market and Farm in NOLA - then aged in LA1 Whiskey barrels from Donner-Peltier Distillers in Thibodaux.

Flavour/Aroma: extreme chocolate followed by spice and oaky whiskey notes with a bitter finish and a light tingling sensation from the local cayenne peppers. This captures the essence of Cocoa Tea and pays homage to that drinks lineage from the xocolatl drinks of ancient Central America and the Mole sauces made there now. This is what you want a chocolate Bitters to be!

Pairing: works well with all liquors, but especially whiskey, rum, and tequila. Popular flavour addition for Tiki style drinks; Old Fashioned.  Culinary - use in place of extract in your baked goods.

Primary Flavours: chocolate, spices, oak, whiskey