Cocktail Mixer - Pomegranate


Gluten Free

Powell & Mahoney Pomegranate Cocktail Mixer

The Pomegranate, known as an antioxidant superpower, was initially mixed as a pomegranate martini and created for at-home entertaining. As word spread, it struck a chord with hosts and hostesses and soon became a household phenomenon from coast to coast.

"Simple, crisp, and refreshing" was our objective in developing our all-in-one solution for your home entertaining. With a touch of lemon and orange, this perfectly balanced mix is great with vodka, tequila and gin.

 Alcohol Pairing: Gin, Prosecco, Vodka

Ingredients: filtered water, cane sugar, pomegranate juice from concentrate, citric acid, natural pomegranate flavour, clarified lime juice from concentrate, natural colour from fruit and berries, natural key lime extract, ascorbic acid

Cs Pk: 750 ml x 6