Floral Extract - Hibiscus

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Hibiscus Extract

Just 2 ingredients - fresh hibiscus and the best cane sugar!

It offers a pretty ruby colour and a deep berry flavour and aroma.

Very versatile - perfect for cocktails - salads - desserts.


Use Hibiscus Extract as a natural red colour for cocktails.
Experiment on different cheeses (sharp cheddar is a current favorite).


Cocktails & Mocktails: natural flavour & colours for water, sparkling wine, cocktails & mocktails.
Seafood & Meat: use as a glaze/condiment ingredient.
Cheese & Savory: mix with cream cheeses.
Cake & Desserts: mix extracts with icing/frosting, drizzle over ice-cream, cakes & puddings.

FLAVOUR PAIRING - typical combinations used with our hibiscus products to date:

Fruit/Veg: apple, coconut, guava, lemon, lime, orange, pear, peppers, pineapple, raspberry
Herbs/Spice/Other: basil, cinnamon, chilli, cloves, coriander, cumin, ginger, mint, rose, thyme, white & dark chocolate
Meat: duck, oysters, pork, salmon, sashimi
Cheese: cream cheese, goat cheese, mascarpone
Alcohol: beer/ciders, gin, rum, sparkling wine, tequila, vodka, whiskey, liqueurs - elder flower, hibiscus, orange, raspberry
Cuisines: Asian, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Modern
Natural substitute for: red food & drink colouring; cherry, cranberry, grenadine, raspberry, rhubarb

USES: ice, molecular mixology, foams, liquor infusions, jelly layers, shots, 2-part drink presentations, plate paint, atomiser sprays, natural flavour & colouring for food & drinks, frosting, icing, cakes, desserts. 

TRY using in cocktails instead of hibiscus tea extractions, cranberry juice or rhubarb bitters.

Cs Pk: 6 x 100 ml