Wine Jelly - Spicy Hyppocraticum


Dalle Cucine di Livio Pesle - Spicy Hyppocraticum Wine Jelly (without alcohol)

In the old days, Vinum Hyppocraticum was a popular drink in Europe and considered a Medicinal Liqueur. It was prepared with the infusion of selected spices in a generous amount of red wine. The original recipe of this liqueur is the base of this jelly. A bouquet of spices is soaked in wine - Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso - for 15 days. During the dealcoholizing process, a special chili sauce is added to enrich the spicy taste - making this jelly a fusion between the traditional Central European taste and the Mediterranean chili and garlic flavour.

PAIRING: Smoked Ham, Smoked Poultry, Lamb, Hot Sausages, Very Strong Cheese, Bitter Dark Chocolate.

Ingredients: dealcolized wine 55%, cane sugar, apple pectin, natural flavours.

Cs Pk: 6 x 100 ml

Made in Italy