Syrup - Classic Ginger

El Guapo Classic Ginger Cocktail Syrup

Made with 4 different forms of ginger. This syrup is complex and not the typical "punch in the mouth" spicy ginger. While it does have a slight ginger spice, it is fresh and floral due to the addition of the galangal ginger root. Sure to please.  

Ingredients: filtered water, cane sugar, fresh ginger, galangal, crystallized ginger, dried ginger, spices.

Finest Ginger Soda (recipe conveniently written on the label:
Mix 1/2 part Ginger syrup to 2 parts carbonated water. 


Available Sizes:

EG1605: 8.5 oz: UPC 881314561605

EG1612: 16.5 oz: UPC 881314561612