Syrup - Classic Style Lime Cordial

El Guapo Lime Cordial

Made with 2 different types of lime that are hand peeled and juiced, plus the leaves from 5 varieties of lime trees add a complex flavour and aroma.

Full of fresh lime flavour - made with real limes, cane sugar, and no preservatives.

Pairing: Perfect for a Margarita, Daiquiri, or Gimlet. Or just make an amazing soda! 

Ingredients: limes, cane sugar, lime leaves.

Gimlet: Mix 1/2 part Lime Cordial to 2 parts Gin or Vodka. Stir over ice and strain.


Available Sizes:

EG1544: 8.5 oz; UPC 881314561544

EG3702: 16.5 oz; UPC 701748633702