Syrup - Old English Style Lemonade & Collins Mix

El Guapo Olde English Style Lemonade & Collins Mix

Instantly recognizable as a traditional lemonade, but with the subtle nuances brought to the palate with a classic Victorian flavour profile. Full of fresh bright lemon flavour that is lightly accented with a hint of ginger, as well as light aromas and flavours of cress, rosemary, and lavender. Made with hand juiced and peeled lemons and fresh produce. Complex and nuanced. A truly proper English Lemonade.

Ingredients: lemon juice and peel, filtered water, cane sugar, ginger, rosemary, cress, lavender, spices.

Pairing: a Gin based French 75, Tom Collins, or Arnold Palmer. Use in place of sour mix in any recipe to instantly transform the drink into a crafted drink worthy of the finest bars in the world.

Tom Collins - aka Spiked Lemonade (recipe conveniently written on the label)
In a Collins glass filled with ice add 1 jigger Gin or Vodka, 3/4 parts El Guapo Lemonade Mix. Top with club soda and El Guapo Love Potion #9 Bitters.


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