Uisge Source 3 Region Selection 3 x 100 ml


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Uisge Source 3 Region Selection - 3 x 100 ml

A convenient package of all 3 regional source waters - Highland, Speyside, and Islay.

The Character of Uisge Source Waters                                                                                         

Islay's ARDILISTRY SPRING produces water with high natural acidity which is created by filtration through peat. No wonder why Uisge Source is complementary to Islay regional whisky.

ST COLMAN'S WELL in the Highland region produces a hard water, high in minerals due to filtration through porous and brittle red sandstone and limestone. Such characteristics makes the Uisge Source Highland water the perfect pairing for Highland Malt Scotch Whisky.

The CAIRNGORM'S WELL in the Speyside region produces a soft water, low in minerals as a result of being filtered through hard rock such as granite. Such water is typical of the waters used by many of the Speyside distilleries.

Even the smallest amount of Uisge Source will unlock many new flavours. Discover your own personal preference by adding a few drops at a time and tasting until you get to your ideal dilution. Uisge Source waters should be served at room temperature.

Samora's Fine Foods & Gifts is at your service. "Water up' and elevate the whisky experience - order Uisge Source 3 Region Selection today!


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    Posted by Gary mahon on 2021 Nov 30th

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