CLASSIC Egg Tagliolini, Organic - Made with Fresh Whole Eggs

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12 units

A classic at Harry's Bar,
Tagliolini au gratin with ham.  A shape that fears no rival for delicacy and texture upon cooking.  Also delicious au naturel, sprinkled with butter and parmesan.

TIP:  Pressed for time? Boil water in a kettle. Place the desired amount of Tagliolini in a bowl. Cover the pasta with the boiled water. Wait 2 min. Voila! pasta is done.

CIP3501:  Cipriani Tagliolini Extra Thin Egg Pasta, Classic
CIP3502:  Cipriani Tagliolini Extra Thin Egg Pasta with Spinach, Classic
CIP3503:  Cipriani Tagliolini Extra Thin Egg Pasta with Tomato, Classic

Cs Pk: 12 x 250g

Cooking Time:  2 minutes.