Cipriani Food


Samora's Fine Foods has been importing Cipriani Food since 2001.
Cipriani Food is famous for their pasta - and for good reason!

Cipriani's Extra Thin Egg Pasta - its extraordinarily thin pasta dough has 3 secrets:
The flour: top quality durum wheat semolina.
The eggs: fresh, seven to every kg of semolina (25%).
The manufacture: a unique process. It simulates manual labour, and allows for the dough to be folded
more than 40 times, until it becomes smooth and thin (0.6mm). Drying is slow (14 hours) and at a low temperature. 
The resulting product has a very low moisture content (7%).

While cooking in boiling water, its volume will increase and allow for 5 plentiful servings with only 250 g of the pasta.