Borrago #47 Paloma Blend, 500 ml

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Borrago is crafted to be mixed rather than drunk straight. As such, we provide delicious ideas and inspiration via our coloured recipe booklet that is provided with each bottle.

We call Borrago a non-alcoholic spirit because it is used in the same way as a quality gin or vodka, as a base for wonderful cocktails, just without the alcohol. Borrago does not try to mimic them, it is built from the ground up to give a drink like no other.


Deliciously dry, with sweet floral notes on the nose, a layered and textured middle, with a long clean finish.

Cardamom gives the floral yet spicy nose, rosemary is the backbone of the drink and peppermint gives the finish.

On the palate, it is fairly big and chewy, a drink to be sipped and savoured. Full of citrus, spice and pepper, it has a long cool, clean finish.

Our steam distillation gives a stronger flavour, making us purposefully punchy. 
We recommend a single 25ml shot to a 200ml bottle of tonic. With this strength, you know straight away that Borrago stands up for itself in cocktails - you can really taste the difference. It is at once familiar, yet new and moreish.

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