Pyramid Flaky Salt with Wild Hibiscus Flowers

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Pyramid Salt Flakes with Wild Hibiscus Flowers

Stunning finishing salt!
A natural combination of pure white pyramid salt from the Australian Outback and hibiscus flowers.  Hibiscus flowers colour the pyramid salt to a pretty crimson colour and imparts a 'fruity zing' taste profile. 

*** When exposed to moisture, the hibiscus flowers release their ruby colour! In green salads, this colour will run across the plate or down the sides of steamed vegetables for a fun added visual.

The benefit of 60% hibiscus flowers and 40% pyramid salt - reduces sodium intake - but still with a good salt flavour profile.

TIP  Crumbles easily when pressed if a finer consistency is desired.


Cocktails & Mocktails: margarita rims - use hibiscus syrup to rim, then dip glass rim into the salt (after it has been crumbled)
Seafood & Meat:  finishing salt, salmon curing
Cheese & Savory: sprinkle over soft cheese; vegetables, salad, pasta, eggs
Cake & Dessert: salted chocolate, ice-cream & desserts, garnish on cupcake frosting, sprinkle on watermelon for a sweet/salty balance

Cs Pk: 12 x 100g pouch